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100% Australian cotton

Our towels aren’t just made from cotton. They’re made from ‘cotton with a conscience’. 100% Australian, grown by farmers who care for the environment and produce the world’s strongest, cleanest cotton fibres. We know this because we work with Cotton Australia farmers as a ‘Crop to Shop’ manufacturer. It means we’re directly involved in every step of our product’s creation.

Fully traceable fibres

We believe you deserve full transparency. That’s why we ensure that the fibres in our towels are 100% traceable from their origin, right back to the farms they came from. But don’t just take our word for it – to give you full peace of mind we have our Australian cotton towels independently verified by scientific traceability company, Oritain.

Our Australian cotton towels are independently tested by scientific traceability company, Oritain , so you can be sure that you’re getting quality Australian cotton.


Step 1 – Fibre analysis

Oritain collects genuine Australian cotton samples and analyses them using forensic science.

Step 2 – Fibre profile

Once the analysis is complete, Oritain uses statistical models to turn the data into an ‘Origin Fingerprint’.

Step 3 – Verify the fibre

Oritain can test our products, at any point in the supply chain, against the ‘Origin Fingerprint’ to verify it’s made of Australian cotton.

“As a leading towel manufacturer, Loftex Australia is committed to producing the highest quality towels. Their dedication to sustainability, craftsmanship, and innovation reinforces their position as leaders within the industry, and their partnership with Oritain is just the latest example of that – scientifically verifying that the origin of their Australian cotton towels is exactly what it is says it is.”

Rupert Hodges, Chief Commercial Officer

Say no to harmful substances

All of our products are MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® certified. This independent, global certification means you can rest easy that our products are free from harmful chemicals. Not only that, but it also guarantees that our products have been manufactured using sustainable processes under socially responsible working conditions. We’re the first textile brand in Australia to be certified, and we couldn’t be prouder.

Innovation runs deep

By combining the latest innovative manufacturing techniques with pioneering traceability, we produce super soft, sustainable, superior quality towels. We will never stop learning and improving – innovation is in our DNA.

Revolutionising the textile industry for 30 years

Loftex is a world-leading textile manufacturer supplying towels to the United States, Australia, Europe, Japan, Canada and more than 30 other countries across the globe. You can find our product Australia wide throughout major retailers. Founded in 1980, we blend global innovation with traceable quality fibres to create soft, luxurious towels that have minimal impact on the environment.

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